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Custom Racing Lower Unit - Algonac Version

The photos below show the differences in this lower unit and tower housing. This was a special unit that was fabricated in Algonac for Alan and Silva Smith. This is one of only two ever made, there is NO other unit like this.

Alan's motor ran alcohol and caster oil and had a lot of different things done to the power head. (I will post the exact changes at a later date.)

Notice the gearing is 13 teeth pinion and 14 teeth propeller shaft. The water pump is custom made. The propeller shaft is a special size. The rear cone is held in with a snap ring. The sizes and dimensions of the width and length are one of a kind. The exhaust exit area is special as is the cavitation plate. The tower housing is stronger and bigger in the exhaust area. The tower swivel shaft tube is made to hold two seals and a drive shaft bearing. The drive shaft is specially made. You can enlarge the photos below by clicking on them.

If you look closely you will see NO resemblance to any other motor. I thank you for letting me show you the excellent workmanship that was done to this motor that was designed to race and win against the Mercury's in the 50's.

If you have further questions, please call or email me.


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